Promoting Health by Preventing Error

Purchasing Officers

The healthcare system is demanding that facilities do more for less. How can you make sure the products you are purchasing are the ones that best suit your needs - especially in the critical area of medication management where even simple mistakes can put patients' lives at risk?

This is where Manrex comes in.

We specialize in medication delivery systems and are committed to eliminating the opportunity for medication errors in the care community. Our systems help insure that people receiving or self administering their medications get the right drug at the right time - whether they are at home or in care.

Good Value - Manrex is committed to ensuring the products we offer are of a quality and design that provide far greater financial benefits than their original cost. The return on investment provided by our products in terms of time saved, money saved and in many cases - lives saved - makes the decision to purchase Manrex products an easy one.

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